Ray Kvalvog Explains Reasons Behind Filing Lawsuits After the Deaths of His Sons

"I Want to Know What Happened to My Kids"


Ray and Kathie Kvalvog are responding to the negative reaction generated by their wrongful death lawsuits against their sons’ former school, coach, Chrysler and insurance company.

Ray and Kathie lost their only sons in a crash on I-94 in 2015.

“It’s like we’re in jail,” said Ray. “We have our own death row sentence. But every once in awhile, we get out to eat, we get out to walk around the walking track, watch TV. But every single day, we come back to jail. And that’s how our life is. It’s hell. It’s miserable.”

June 23, 2015 is a day he will never forget.

It is the day his sons died in a crash near Dalton, Minnesota.

Zach was behind the wheel.

Connor and two friends were passengers on their way to a basketball tournament in Wisconsin.

“I drove between mile marker 67 to 68 over and over and over down by the Dalton exit, trying to figure out what happened to my sons,” Ray said.

He says the lawsuits are not about money.

It’s about getting answers.

He says he’s suing to force school leaders to talk about why their report is different from that of the state patrol.

But Ray says other than condolences, school officials have yet to thoroughly talk about what happened.

“My kids are dead. Who cares about money? Who cares about anything other than what happened to my sons?” he asked.

Park Christian School and all of the defense attorneys we got a hold of have declined to comment.

Ray says he’s getting a similar silent response.

“You’re saying you can’t talk now because your attorneys have said you can’t talk?” He said in reference to the defendants. “You had 18 months to talk. There’s nothing that’s changed. What are you talking about? You hadn’t talked to us from the beginning.”

He thinks they should have nothing to hide.

“If you have all your facts, you think you’re just solid, then why don’t you say it?” Kvalvog said.

The attorney for the Kvalvogs posted a statement on the KVRR Facebook page in response to a number of negative comments.

It read in part: “We are incredibly saddened by the reactions we have been reading. We ask you to hold your loved ones close.”

“The betrayal in the newspaper yesterday I thought was horrible because it made us sound like we’re just out to sue everybody and just get money. I don’t want it, I don’t care. I want to know what happened to my kids,” Ray said.

He says any money they earn from the lawsuits will go to charity.

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