Fargo Woman Charged With DUI After Crashing Dealership Vehicle into Fire Hydrant

A woman allegedly crashes into a fire hydrant after taking a car from a Moorhead car lot


Police arrested a 27–year–old Fargo woman after she allegedly crashed a vehicle into a fire hydrant in Moorhead.

The Moorhead Police Department says the woman was test driving a black Nissan Murano when she knocked off the fire hydrant at 50 miles per hour.

The hydrant was not connected to the water main.

When officials arrived, they found the woman was not seriously hurt. She is facing DUI charges and was taken to the Clay County Jail. Police say the vehicle came from Nick’s Auto Sales in Moorhead.

“As they were getting her setup for the test drive of the vehicle, she took off without anybody with her and without them being ready to let her go. She did crash into a fire hydrant here,” said Moorhead Police Lieutenant Mike Detloff.

Police say the fire hydrant will likely be repaired on Monday and there are no safety concerns for neighbors at this time.

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