It’s Time To Put Those New Year’s Resolutions Into Action

People share their favorite moments of 2016, and what they're looking forward to in the new year.


Unfortunately, it’s almost time to say goodbye to 2016.

We’ve elected a new president, the Cubs won the World Series and we’ve all learned how to dab; however, most disagreed about their personal best moment from the past year.

“Going on some trips with some friends this summer was pretty fun and just getting to meet some new people,” said Tyler Schenk of Fargo.

“The best part of 2016 is that my husband and I became grandparents for the first time and we have a beautiful granddaughter, Nora Marie who was born in February,” said Chris Sinner of Fargo.

One man says his whole life changed for the better once he left his hometown of Trenton, New Jersey, and took a trip to the Midwest.

“My favorite part of 2016 is moving to Fargo. There’s no place like Fargo. I’ve seen those commercials, invite your family to come to Fargo…there’s no place like Fargo! Fargo is wonderful, there’s great jobs out here, wonderful people, it’s awesome living in Fargo,” said Zoe Moore.

But, with only a few hours left in 2016, it’s almost time to put those New Year’s resolutions in full swing.

“I think this year, I just want to like usual become a little more healthier,” said John Gallagher of Fargo.

“To become a better dancer, to keep my grades up and be kind,” said Drew Noah of Fargo.

“To take care of my body and be a healthier person and to just work hard and focus on yourself and to just be a better person and treat everybody right. There’s always room to better yourself,” said Tyler.

“Just spending more time with family and maybe some travel,” said Chris.

And to wrap it up, one couple is celebrating a special anniversary.

“Well we got married on January 1st, 2016. So tomorrow is our anniversary,” said Chelsea Simdorn of Fargo.

Fargo Police say there will be no parking enforcement on New Year’s Eve with the exception of handicapped and fire zones. They encourage everyone to plan a sober ride and stay safe.

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