Fargo Commissioners Vote 5-0 To Divest From Russia Dealings

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Fargo is taking a stand against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by divesting in businesses the city has a contractual relationship with. The resolution to show support for Ukraine was introduced by Commissioner Arlette Preston, who is a candidate for mayor. She says she personally knows people who have family in harms way in Ukraine and that…

New Year, New You: Gyms, Fitness Studios Expect to See More Memberships as People Make Resolutions for Health

The YMCA is expected to get between 500-1,000 at both locations

FARGO, N.D. — Gyms and fitness studios across the metro are getting ready to see an uptick in memberships as people start making their New Year’s resolution to get in better shape. KVRR’s Danielle Church tells us how you can ensure that resolution is completed by 2020. Within the next month these machines can expect to get a work out from…

U.S. Senate Passes Resolution: Saturday is National Bison Day

The animal has also been designated as our national mammal

  NATIONAL — Saturday has been designated as National Bison Day. The U.S. Senate passed the bipartisan resolution to celebrate the cultural and historical significance of the North American Bison. Senator John Hoeven introduced the resolution and says “The bison’s incredible story includes one of the most remarkable and successful examples of conservation efforts as they were brought back from…

Hate Speech Resolution Passes in Fargo, But Not Unanimously

Just one commissioner voted against making Fargo the second city to pass the resolution

FARGO, ND — Commissioners in Fargo passed a resolution officially making the city an “inclusive” community. It’s the second city in the Valley to make this move, but it came with opposition on this side of the river. “This is the week that folks were talking about having some rallies in our town,” Fargo City Commissioner John Strand told the…

Moorhead City Council Passes Hate Crime Resolution

Resolution written by Moorhead Council Member Mari Dailey calls for an "inclusive community."

MOORHEAD, Minn. — The Moorhead City Council passed a hate crime resolution which targets recent hate speech in the metro. Resolution written by Moorhead Council Member Mari Dailey calls for an “inclusive community.” Council says the resolution will put Moorhead on record as a community which officially condemns hate crimes. Mayor Del Rae Williams said this resolution was written shortly after…

Government Shut Down Could be Looming for Minnesota

The Minnesota Supreme Court ordered the two sides into mediation

  ST. PAUL, Minn. — A legal battle between Gov. Dayton and top Republicans could result in a Minnesota government shut down. Attorneys for the Republican-led Legislature say lawmakers will have to start furloughing employees in December and shut down completely by February unless there’s a resolution. Dayton vetoed the Legislature’s operating budget after the session concluded in late May….

Health Matters: Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolution

An Essentia Health Psychologist Suggests An Approach To Making Positive Change

Whether it’s going to the gym more often or cutting out certain foods, the beginning of the year is the time people make New Year’s resolutions. Often times, that inspiration can go away if you get off track. When it’s the start of a new year, it feels like a chance to start fresh. There are countless resolutions people make,…

It’s Time To Put Those New Year’s Resolutions Into Action

People share their favorite moments of 2016, and what they're looking forward to in the new year.

FARGO, N.D. Unfortunately, it’s almost time to say goodbye to 2016. We’ve elected a new president, the Cubs won the World Series and we’ve all learned how to dab; however, most disagreed about their personal best moment from the past year. “Going on some trips with some friends this summer was pretty fun and just getting to meet some new…