No Fun Like Snow Fun: FM Area Enjoying a Winter Wonderland

People Throughout the Area are Enjoying Winter Activities

From sledding to snowshoeing, there’s plenty to do in the FM area this winter.

While some people use this day to relax, others see activities such as snowshoeing as an opportunity to get in a workout while hanging out with their friends.

“We came out to get some fresh air with the new snow, and mod, our dog, loves to come out and play in the snow and run free and you can do that out at Johnson Park which is lovely,” said Nancy Carriveau.

Some may choose to stay inside and stay warm, but that doesn’t chase away the dieā€“hard snow fans.

“It’s a fantastic day,” said Tyler Benson, who was with his daughter. “Don’t have the wind, it’s twenty some degrees outside…got the nice fresh powder, it’s looking pretty, and it’s a good day to be out.”

Teresa Demers, who was enjoying the day snowshoeing with her friends said,”It’s more fun than running. Easier, and yeah, we just like to hang out together.”

For the FM area, it’s the first big snow event of the year and Nancy says it couldn’t come at a better time.

“It’s not so icy; we’ve had so much ice so it’s just beautiful out,” she said. “It’s one of the first days and it’s a good way to kick off 2017 and we were talking about that, it’s a good way to enjoy the winter.”

“We’ve been talking a lot about that this winter, just trying to get out and enjoy the winter,” added Teresa. “I’ve been doing a lot more running outside and they’ve been doing a lot of biking outside and I think we’ve just really been wanting to enjoy our winter weather.”

The long cold days of winter can have us counting down for summer, but some say you shouldn’t wait until then to have a little fun.

“You get so…you know, almost depressed…and just sad about it so if you’re outside playing, it’s amazing what it’s done for our mood,” said Nancy.

While the conditions this time of year may be tough, many say that they try to make the most of it.


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