Road Trips with Your Pets: What You Need to Know

Wags Stay 'N Play Is Hosting Their Road Trip Week With Tips On What To Bring With You For Your Pets

In honor of National Pet Travel Safety Day, which was Monday, Wags Stay N’ Play is hosting a ‘Road Trip Week’ at their animal daycare.

Employees are giving out tips to animal owners of how to travel with their pets.

These include ideas of what to bring along when on a road trip according to how long you will be on the road.

Owners also receive a postcard with a picture of their pet on it when they either pick up or drop off their furry friend at the daycare.

“I just think it’s really sweet because a lot of people don’t realize that packing for your dog is a lot like packing for your child and you need to bring all that extra stuff,” said Samantha Smith, who is with Wags Stay ‘N Play. “So it’s nice to inform all of the clients we have.”

Wags Stay ‘N Play will be holding ‘Nail Trim Week’ starting on January 9th.

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