Recycle Smarter, Not Harder, with Tips from NDSU

NDSU is taking on a new challenge: Teaching the metro the best way to recycle.

FARGO, ND – According to the experts, the FM Metro is doing a fantastic job at recycling. But they think we can do even better. “People really want to recycle; we want to kind of reverse some of the damage we are doing with all the production of waste.” said Kate Nelson DeShaw, the Chair of the Environmental Sustainability Committee…

Police Want To Find Person Pointing Laser At Aircraft In Devils Lake

Tips may be given anonymously

DEVILS LAKE, N.D. — Someone pointed a laser at a medical helicopter Sunday night in Devils Lake. Police say it is just the latest in a series of such reports. Interfering with a flight is a federal crime. Police say anyone providing information that leads to an arrest may qualify for a reward through Devils Lake Crimestoppers. Tips may be…

How to Stay Safe on the Water this Fourth of July

Even if you're a pro behind the wheel, safety is something everyone should be aware of

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. — As we head into the holiday week, boating professionals want you to stay safe while also having fun. It’s that time of year to pull your boats out from hiding and get them back in action on the lakes. But before you start driving, make sure everything you need is still there. “A lot of the…

What You Should Do The Week Before You Run the Big Race

People at Fargo Running Company say it's important to pay attention for the weather and be prepared for anything and everything

FARGO, N.D. — The Fargo Marathon is only a week away and whether you’ve been running for years or preparing for your first race, there are some things you should be doing this week. People at Fargo Running Company say it’s important to pay attention for the weather and be prepared for anything and everything. Have multiple clothing options and…

What You Need to Know About Fire Pits

But with the dangers in place, people in our region are still igniting fire pits and bonfires.

FARGO, N.D. — Burn bans have been in place throughout North Dakota and Minnesota for some time now, but it seems grass fires are still happening and fire pits are still being lit. There are some rules and restrictions in our region and here’s what you need to know about fire pits. When people think of spring and summer, many…

Sharing Tips in Minnesota Now Just an Option

Todd Burt was told he needed to give more of his tips to table bussers

  ST. PAUL, Minn. — The Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled that workers cannot be fired for refusing to share tips. In a divided opinion, the court ruled in favor of a bartender fired from Bunny’s Bar & Grill in St. Louis Park. Todd Burt was told he needed to give more of his tips to table bussers. He refused…

Be on the Lookout for Fake Tickets, Fake Sellers

The BBB and the Vikings are giving tips on how to guarantee your ticket will be valid

FARGO, ND — Minnesota Vikings fans are getting ready for the start of the season on Monday but are being asked to watch out for fake ticket sellers. The Better Business Bureau says if you get tricked into purchasing a fake ticket, you’ll be asked to leave the stadium without getting to see the game. The BBB and the Vikings…

Fireworks Reminders for this Dry 4th of July

The do's and don'ts to pay attention to while handling fireworks this summer

FARGO, ND — Fireworks are great for family fun, but they can be dangerous when you don’t play by the rules. It’s the holiday where lighting off tons of fireworks and firecrackers throughout the night is widely acceptable. But when it comes to playing with fire, it’s dangerous on a number of levels. “I don’t think there’s a year that…

F-M Ambulance: Stay Cool, Stay Healthy in the Heat

F–M Ambulance gives some important tips for staying safe in the heat.

FARGO, ND — The first day of summer is just around the corner and the hot weather calls for some good protection. F–M Ambulance gives some important tips for staying safe in the heat. Be sure to cover up outdoors, use sunscreen, know your limits and stay fully hydrated. They say it’s crucial to give your body the fuel it…

Severe Weather Awareness

Tornado Drills Occurring in North Dakota and Minnesota

Meteorologist Scott Sincoff gives Severe Weather Awareness tips for Minnesota Severe Weather Awareness Week and gives information about upcoming tornado drills: Categories: Community, Weather Blog, Weather Notes Tags: drill, minnesota, north dakota, severe, severe weather, severe weather awareness week, thunderstorm, tips, TORNADO, Warning, watch