President Bresciani’s Announcement Surprises State Higher Ed Board

The 14th NDSU President Is Interviewing For A Different Job

NDSU President Dean Bresciani finds himself in the spotlight once again.

He’s announced that he’s a finalist for another job.

Just two months after his contract was extended at NDSU, Bresciani is a finalist to be president at Ohio University.

Bresciani has been leading NDSU since June of 2010.

His extension takes him to June of 2018.

“We felt that the improvements were made, that we liked the work that was being done by Dr. Bresciani, we were pleased with that and the board voted resoundingly to renew that contract,” said  Kathleen Neset, Chair of the State Board of Higher Education,

The State Board of Higher Education was surprised to hear NDSU’s 14th President was looking for another job.

“My understanding from Dr. Bresciani from my talking with him is that he had hoped to retire from NDSU. That he was here to stay at NDSU,” Neset said.

She hopes to see him stay.

“It came as a surprise to me as I listened to the news. If he continues here at NDSU, and we certainly hope he does, I’m sure that Dr.Brescani will reach out to the board, to the chancellor and to the system to guide a path forward.

Neset said Breciani agreement does not keep him from exploring other opportunities.

In a statement the President sent to the campus community he says “a finalist by no means suggests I will be offered the position, and my interest in remaining at NDSU continues to be strong.”

“Regardless of any President leaving we are well prepared to handle that,” Neset said.

Bresciani’s interview in Ohio is scheduled for January 12th.

Ohio University is located in the city of Athens.

They are looking for their 21st president.

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