Fargo Police Departments Says Watch Out for Counterfeit Cash

Counterfeit money may be circulating in Fargo

The Fargo Police Department is reminding people to take an extra look at their dollar bills.

Casey Talbert, 22, of Fargo was arrested for passing off movie prop bills as real money last week.

Police say Talbert was taking cash from people trying to rent an apartment and told them he would conduct a background check.

He would then return the fake money after saying the tenants failed.

Talbert admitted to using $100 bills marked as “Cinematic Use Only.”

“If you are the victim of it, we’re not going to arrest you because you are in possession of counterfeit money,” said Deputy Chief Joe Anderson with the Fargo Police Department.  “We’re going to obviously ask you questions to try and determine where it came from and what were the circumstances of how you received it.”

Anyone who thinks they may have a fake bill is urged to call law enforcement.

Officials say you are more likely to come across counterfeit money when doing a one-on-one transaction from online shopping.

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