Cass Clay Food Commission Hoping to Open Accessibility to Fresh Local Produce

The Cass Clay Food Commission is also hoping to combat obesity and the high costs associated with healthy living

This spring you may find more farmers markets in your neighborhood.

“We’re an intergovernmental board in Cass and Clay Counties that works to increase access to healthy, local, and affordable food,” said ┬áMegan Myrdal, who is the Project Coordinator of the Cass Clay Food Commission.

“Healthy options aren’t as easy as you would think,” said Mindy Grand, the Member at Large for the CCFC. “Most of us are so busy and a lot of times you’re just grabbing what you can get or grabbing whatever is the cheapest or most convenient.”

At their core, Cass Clay Food Commission hopes to help combat issues like obesity, accessibility to fresh produce and the cost of eating healthy.

“Looking at these complex issues I think people that are more connected to their food and having better access to fresh, healthy, local, affordable food is one of the best ways that we can combat all of those issues at the same time,” said Myrdal.

All of the meetings are open to the public where they are encouraged to share their opinions.

“Well, it doesn’t matter how good your plan is,” said Grand. “If it doesn’t work for the public that you’re trying to serve, then there’s no point in your plan so the public opinion is very important and there are many facets of public opinion.”

The next meeting will take place on February 7th where they will be giving tips on how to run a successful farmers market.

For more information about the Cass Clay Food Commission, you can check their website.

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