The Fargo-Moorhead Community Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Students at Concordia College honor MLK and discuss why his legacy is so important to them

Concordia students say it’s a holiday that should be recognized on more than just one day of the year.

The impact of Dr. King is something that students will take with them forever.

“One of his quotes is ‘it’s a day on not a day off’. And that’s really important to me,” said Kaila Juntunene, who is Co-Chair of the MLK Day Planning Committee. “It’s a day to learn to advocate to educate others to participate in making this world what it should be.”

“This day is a day to remember we do have a lot of work to do,” said Camrie Vlasak, also a Co-Chair of the event. “Even in Fargo-Moorhead…that do need to take a step further.”

The day began with a morning energizer yoga session, a Chapel reading from MLK’s letter from Birmingham jail and music from the Concordia Choir.

Key speakers at the college also include Dr. David Creesh and Civil Rights activist Shaun King.

“It’s been fairly smooth actually. We were really prepared this year,” said Juntunene.

One student even shared her story of racism and why she felt it was so important to speak about it on MLK Jr. day.

“She told me that there’s a store downstairs that always sends a security to look for any black teens that were in the store,” said Anita Ukpokolo.  “I shared that with the people in there and a lot of them, their jaws dropped and they were surprised but that’s what this day is for. That you can realize the everyday injustices.”

Students also say without the help of Martin Luther King Jr., there would be a lack of diversity in their school, which is something that is crucial to facing everyday life.

“It can show that we have different opinions different views different experiences to bring anyone together just makes us a really well rounded community,” said Juntunene.

A Civil Rights leader, an enthusiast and a teacher…we remember Dr. King on this day.

“He is just like this beacon of hope,” said Ukpokolo.

Concordia’s theme for this year’s MLK Jr. celebration is “A Threat to Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere”.

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