Reitan’s Leave Causing “Mixed Emotions” at Coffee With a Cop

The West Fargo Police Department is carrying on despite being in the spotlight this week

West Fargo Police host “Coffee With A Cop” at Sheyenne Crossing but didn’t talk much about the troubles with their chief who is in the process of being let go.

We asked officers how moral at the department is going after Mike Reitan was put on administrative leave.

It’s a presentation they do every month.

But this time, it’s different.

Not just because it’s the bomb squad’s first appearance at Coffee With A Cop, but because of the tension.

Police Chief Mike Reitan was put on administrative leave last week and the city is working on a separation agreement.

We can’t control what’s happening on the top end, we can only control what we can do,” said Detective Tim Runcorn with the West Fargo Police Department. “I don’t know if moral has taken a bump up or a bump down, I think the unknown is kind of on everyone’s mind. We know we have to go forward one way or the other and for right now, I think the mentality is everyone’s coming to work, doing their job and trying to produce a good product for our citizens.”

None of the officers during the coffee hour would comment on what it was like to work with Reitan.

Anonymous employee complaints say he caused a toxic work environment.

One employee said they felt “unsafe” and “scared” to come to work because of how angry Reitan would get.

“I think there’s some mixed emotions going on with everyone right now,” said Runcorn. “I think it’s just a matter of getting through the process.”

Moving forward, West Fargo officers say they have yet to decide on a new chief as Reitan is still in the process of being let go.

They aim to keep serving the community and keeping up opportunities like Coffee With A Cop despite what’s going on.

“Everybody likes to see the K-9 officers, so we try to get them in on a regular basis,” said West Fargo officer Matt Oldham.

Coffee With A Cop happens on the third Thursday of every month at Sheyenne Crossing.

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