Local Reaction to President Trump and the Inauguration

The Valley speaks up about how they feel after President Trump has been inaugurated

It’s Inauguration Day, yet it seems the community is treating this day like any other.

We stepped out to see how many people took part in a day expected to go down in history, but many of the TV’s were turned off.

However, one classroom at NDSU spent the day watching and discussing the importance of Donald Trump entering office.

“It’s a unique process of watching a peaceful transition of power,” said NDSU Chair of Communications, Mark Meister. “I think this is a special occasion and I certainly wouldn’t boycott it because I have just a profound appreciation for the political and rhetorical process and the rule of law. I watch it just as a proud citizen today.”

One first time voter says this was the first time she got involved in the election and is eager to see how Trump’s Presidency will go.

“I’m interested to see how things will play out based on what he proposed based on his domestic policies as well as his international policies,” said NDSU student, Raeann Malmberg.

Yet some people say that after the inauguration, they feel more scared than ever.

Spectrum, an LGBT group at MSUM, met with students who felt vulnerable about the inauguration.

“He is not always supportive of LGBT rights,” said Spectrum President Kari Barnick. “His Vice President Mike Pence has had some statements that do not support LGBT rights so I think we just have to be hopeful that this election will be positive but at the same time just worried.”

Others wanted to take no part in the inauguration at all.

“At a time where political tensions are kind of high,” explained MSUM Student, Katrina Koesterman. “Not necessarily to ignore the inauguration and pretend it’s not happening but a place to be like, okay let’s take a five minute breather, we’ll tackle this tonight.”

“I’m trying not to watch it,” said Wayne Jensen, out enjoying his afternoon in downtown Fargo. “It’s hard for me to accept that this is actually happening. It’s a sad day in my opinion. I hate to see us lose the Obamas and have them replaced by the Trumps. I think this is a depressing day.”

Nonetheless, supporters and non-supporters say they hope to see a successful presidency in the long run.

More than a million people attended the past two inaugurations in Washington D.C.

This year, about 900,000 showed up.

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