Pothole Repairs Won’t Last Thanks to Weather

The potholes usually don't appear at this rate until at least March

You may not even notice one until you drive over it.

The city of Fargo is getting an early start on pothole repairs this season.

“It’s earlier than we’re used to,” said Lee Anderson with Fargo Public Works.

Anderson says¬†potholes usually don’t start happening at this rate until at least March.

He adds¬†as the weather changes, it’s almost as if they appear over night.

“Water kind of gets in there, the ice gets in there, as temperatures freeze, it tracks and it pops the material out that was there thus creating a pothole,” said Anderson.

The city is putting down asphalt for a temporary fix.

“If we were using this material in the middle of the summer and prepped the hole properly, it would be a permanent repair,” explained Anderson. “This time of year, there’s no such thing as permanent repair.”

The good news is, the holes are holding up.

“Streets have dried up a lot better than they were last week and this weekend so that should help some of these patches last a little longer than they were this last weekend,” Anderson said.

At least for now, until there’s any rain or snow, that can get water into the cracks of the street.

“Next time we do have any moisture and another thaw, we’re probably going to be back dealing with the same potholes again or at least some of them,” said Anderson.

You can help the city locate potholes by dropping a pin on a map on their website.

The city says potholes are more likely to come up on roads that are already due for repairs.

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