Gov. Dayton, Gov. Burgum Working to Find Compromise on F-M Diversion Project

Governors Dayton and Burgum will co–lead the 16–member working group which will consist of eight members from each state

MOORHEAD, Minn. — The F-M Flood Diversion project has caused controversy in the Red River Valley for years and Governor Dayton and Governor Burgum seem to be on opposite sides when it comes to flood protection. But it doesn’t mean they don’t want to work together to come up with a solution. “Failure’s not an option,” said Gov. Mark Dayton. That…

Pothole Repairs Won’t Last Thanks to Weather

The potholes usually don't appear at this rate until at least March

You may not even notice one until you drive over it. The city of Fargo is getting an early start on pothole repairs this season. “It’s earlier than we’re used to,” said Lee Anderson with Fargo Public Works. Anderson says potholes usually don’t start happening at this rate until at least March. He adds as the weather changes, it’s almost as if…

Look Out Below! City Crews Working to Fix Potholes on Fargo Streets

City officials say recent weather patterns are causing potholes to get worse

Drivers in the area may notice more potholes on our roads than usual. The City of Fargo says this is due to the recent freeze-thaw cycles not seen in a typical Fargo January. Recent weather patterns are causing below freezing temperatures at above freezing during the day. Officials say potholes are formed from water seeping into cracks and expanding when…