Local Appmakers Make Good

Local app designers make good by making an app that lets us track where MATbuses are, cutting down on our wait times outdoors.

Here at KVRR, we like to be on the go out and about in the community bringing you the stories that matter. But what do you do if you’re having trouble getting on the go in the first place?

We have an app for you that will help – one that was developed right here in the Fargo region.

Local app-maker Sheken Nevarathne joined us on the morning show live in-studio to talk about their new app developed by Thiken LLC to help cut down on wait times to use Fargo city buses.

The idea came from Thiken developers who like to use public transportation instead of driving on our slick, snowy roads – but who don’t like waiting in the freezing cold and wind for buses to show up.

They developed an app that tracks the MATBuses in town so you know just how long it’ll be before it’s at your stop. Then, they donated to the city — for free!

Check it out for yourself.



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