Grand Forks International Airport Evacuated After Alleged Bomb Threat

Paraman Radhakrishnan is in custody charged with terrorizing after allegedly threatening airport staff

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — Grand Forks International Airport is back to regular operations after a bomb threat caused an evacuation Saturday morning.

Grand Forks police were called to the airport around 5:15 am after Paraman Radhakrishnan, who was flying from Grand Forks to Minneapolis, allegedly made threatening comments to airport staff.

“At that time, the TSA agents confirmed exactly what was said at the check-in at the airport, and at that time the decision was made then to evacuate the airport and the subject was taken into custody,” said Jay Middleton of the Grand Forks Police.

Officers say due to the nature of the threat, multiple agencies were called out.

“The Grand Forks Regional Bomb Squad also responded out there for some of the luggage that was left unattended by the individual,” said Middleton.

Officials say after checking the bags, it was determined there was no further threat and the airport reopened. The motive behind the comments is still under investigation.

“Police say the leading theory behind what may have caused the the suspect to make these threats is that he became disgruntled with airport staff, but they say regardless of the reason any threat of this nature at an airport is taken seriously,” said Middleton.

“That’s one thing that you don’t do. You don’t make reference to acts of violence, acts of threats towards staff or the facility itself. They’re trained to take the matter seriously and they’re going to respond accordingly,” said Middleton.

Getting frustrated while traveling is something many can relate to. Grand Forks police want to remind travelers to remain calm at airports.

“Just be patient. Be patient with staff. If you’re not able to get on a plane, act accordingly,” said Middleton.

Radhakrishnan is being charged with terrorizing. He is being held at the Grand Forks County Correctional Center. At this time, Grand Forks International Airport is not commenting on the incident.

Radhakrishnan is being charged locally, but Grand Forks police believe it’s possible he will face federal charges in the future.

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