Frostival 2017 Shows That You Can Have Fun in the Cold

Frostival is a day of fun-filled cold-weather events

FARGO, N.D. — Twenty-nine degrees may be cold for some, but for others it’s perfect for the 2017 Frostival.

If you happened to see kids sliding down hills in cardboard sleds, don’t be confused – it’s all a part of  Frostival 2017. Most of the events started at 8:30 am after last night’s opening ceremony.

From cardboard sled races to disc golf tournaments, kids and adults were busy having fun all day long.

“I didn’t know how we were going to top last year’s fun, but it’s just as much if not more fun than last year,” Dave Jacobs, 107.9’s morning show host, said.

Cardboard sled racers got creative, with a magic carpet, a viking ship and 107.9’s very own Death Slayer 1000. Builders say it was pretty difficult to make.

“At first it was mostly confusion but after we got to it, it started coming together and I was like oh yeah it does kind of look like a skull a little bit,” said Jacobs.

After awards were given out, sled racers split up and headed out to other events, including ice sculpting and snow fort making at the Hjemkomst Center.

“It’s kind of fun to be creative and just be outside and not always be indoors,” Kim Wangler, recreational specialist, said.

Luckily, a bonfire was set up to roast s’mores, and a chili feed took place inside allowing sculptors to warm up. Event leaders say having help from the community is what truly makes everything run smoothly.

“We’ve had our staff – they’ve been creating snow piles so we can create our snow sculptors. We have volunteers that are helping at the stations,” said Wangler.

Some have even been sculpting all week long to make sure they get the perfect igloo.

“Well we started Tuesday and we started building the cubes first and after the cubes are set up overnight and frozen you make a circle,” Mark Hilde, igloo builder, said.

The mission behind Frostival is to remind us that even in the coldest winter days, you can still have fun outside. Frostival will continue tonight up until 11 pm, with The Cold Hard Cash Show.

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