NDSU Students Rally Support Against Restrictive Education Bills

Student government officials believe the bills would do more harm than good

NDSU student government organized an on–campus letter writing campaign.

The student body was invited to stop by Memorial Union to write letters to state lawmakers in opposition to two bills under consideration.

One would raise tuition for Minnesota residents attending North Dakota state schools, and the other would limit the number of out–of–state students that attend schools such as NDSU.

Students hope that by writing enough letters, lawmakers will vote against these bills.

“You want people to strive for excellence,” said Kim Ellwein, Assistant Commissioner of External Student Affairs, “and without that diversity, without these out–of–state students really pushing NDSU, we wouldn’t have that, so we really appreciate all the different students that we get.”

According to NDSU student government, if the bills become law, over three thousand students who live out of state would be prohibited from attending by 2025.

The education committee has recommended against both bills when they come for vote on the house floor.

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