Pet Connection: Meet Patches and Bobo

Love makes fools of us all. You'll see why, when you witness the love between these beautiful little birds.

They say love makes fools of us all. And Patches and Bobo, who are crazy about each other, made us go a little bit silly for them as well when these two lovely little birds visited with us live in-studio on the morning show’s Pet Connection.

The two, also known as “Ears” and “Tummy” because of the special, favorite feather spots they’ve affectionately groomed off each other, are pair of bonded Quaker parakeets who come as a package deal. While some prospective pet parents are scared off by the notion of adopting two birds instead of one, it can actually be an advantage, as the Casey Backhaus, a rescuer from the Center For Avian Adoption, Rescue and Education explains.

Not only does having a bonded pair mean you never have to worry your pet is lonely or bored while you’re stuck at work, it also can cut down on the behavioral issues that tend to crop up when animals are left alone. Besides, separating a bonded pair would be a lot like pulling you away from your sweetie. And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, who wants to do that? Give Patches and Bobo a loving home instead.


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