The Federal Government Abandoned Us: Sneak Peek at Sheriff Laney’s Story

Catch Sheriff Laney: His Side, Sunday, only on KVRR Local News at 9

He was on the front-lines of the Dakota Access protest for months.

Sunday night on KVRR Local News, after the Super Bowl, Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney shares “his side” of his time at DAPL.

He’ll talk about being called on to assist local authorities in Morton County to deal with what he calls a “militant” faction of protesters.

Sheriff Laney will address the social media battle, the threats and talk about the attacks on those were there to enforce the laws.

“When I say we felt abandoned by the Federal government that’s not some dramatic statement I’m making,” said Sheriff Laney. “We were abandoned by the Federal government and we weren’t asking them to take a stance on pro-pipeline or anti-pipeline we were asking them for help to save lives, protect people and enforce rule of law.”

Catch KVRR Anchor TJ Nelson’s sit-down with Sheriff Paul Laney on Sunday night after the Super Bowl and 24: Legacy.

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