Reitan Reacts to Termination as Police Chief

Reitan has served with the West Fargo Police Department since 1987

WEST FARGO, N.D. — West Fargo Police Chief Mike Reitan no longer has a job with the city.

The city commission voted unanimously to terminate him at their meeting.

It all began on January 13th when West Fargo Police Chief Mike Reitan was placed administrative leave.

“These concerns have been reviewed and the management style that has been used by Mike Reitan and the police department has been found to be not appropriate,” said Tina Fisk, West Fargo City Administrator.

It all leads to a hearing at City Hall to decide his fate.

It was moments after the hearing ended that all city commission members voted to let Reitan go.

Reitan said he doesn’t regret one day of his work.

He does, however, wish that the city administration was more transparent.

“I always asked for an outside group to do that, the investigation, just to make sure that it was clear, transparent, and that there weren’t any bias,” Reitan said in an interview after his termination.

Reitan said he did expect this outcome, and acknowledged the reports made by staff.

“There have been times where I had been impatient, or frustrated and unfortunately, I may have let that show,” the former police chief said.

While on the stand he told the room this has been a difficult time for his family, but no matter what, it doesn’t change who he is.

“When I leave law enforcement, as I’ve been terminated here. I’ll be Mike, and I’ll continue to be Mike, and I told my children I will be their dad,” Reitan said.

Reitan has served with the West Fargo Police Department since 1987.

He spent the last two years as police chief.

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