Gearing Up for Farmers Market Season in the Red River Valley

After a winter hiatus vendors and organizations met up to discuss the 2017 season

FARGO, N.D. — We’re about halfway through winter and that means the F–M farmers market season is only a few months away.

In preparation, members of the farmers market community gathered for their annual meeting.

The event serves not only to refresh the memory of local vendors on rules and regulations surrounding farmers markets, but it also gives them an opportunity to network.

With Fargo and Moorhead so close together, often time farmers from one city will sell products in the other, but laws between the two states can vary widely.

The event helps get everyone up to speed.

“Yeah, even for me, there were things that I didn’t quite realize,” said Christian Schultz, an organic farmer from Moorhead. “You know, the huge difference that little river makes.”

There are also presentations from experts on social media and how to help give farmers the best shot at making sales.

“She talked about bringing height into your display,” added Schultz. “That’s something that we definitely could use a little bit of work on.”

The farmers market community is tight knit and the meeting helps bring them together again after a winter hiatus.

“It’s a good way to reconnect,” said Kurt Kopperud, a Fargo farmers market enthusiast. “It’s also a good open space to ask questions that people may have, because the market’s kind of growing and we’re getting more and more each year so there’s new questions that come up.”

The local farmers market scene is growing.

This year, there’s a new market coming to Moorhead, bringing the total number in the area to six.

“I’m excited to see how the markets in this area grow and how people step up and continue to support their local farmers and their local community,” said Schultz.

Half of the local farmers markets will begin their season in June and the other half in July.

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