Liberty Middle School Gives Presentations on Cultural Backgrounds

Middle Schoolers created a Cultural Fair to learn each others backgrounds

WEST FARGO, N.D. — The Red River Valley Fairgrounds was jam packed with middle-schoolers sharing their backgrounds with the community.

Liberty Middle School 7th graders from Team Trailblazer are currently studying immigration, cultures and traditions.

The students created a cultural fair with presentations and demonstrations of Native American, European, African, Latin American and Asian cultures.

They were also assigned in groups to go around and check out one another’s presentations.

“I think with the diversity in our buildings right now we really need to show how we are connected. We are all the same and how can we make everyone feel that we are one liberty family,” said 7th grade Language and English teacher at Liberty Middle School, Aimee Polk.

Students also were encouraged to invite their families to the cultural fair to share their backgrounds.


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