Local Flower Shop Hopes to Provide You the Perfect Valentine’s Arrangement

Prairie Petals in Fargo Redifines the Typical Valentine's Day Bouquet

FARGO, N.D. — A lot of people in the F–M area will be expecting a simple flower arrangement this Valentine’s Day, but one local flower shop is trying to spice things up.

Kimberly Hess, the owner of Prairie Petals, said before customizing a bouquet for a customer, they ask them a series of questions.

“We’re aiming to make a person happy on Valentine’s Day that has a significant other and that kind of leads us down a road,” she said. “We begin with asking them to choose one of the following four things: would you like it to be all about the roses, just include roses please, no roses at all or should we do whatever we want.”

“Then, after we determine if it’s going to be a rose thing or not, then we want to know if they’re after something more modern and artsy and flamboyant or beautiful,” explained Hess. “Or, if they want something more traditional that has that more uniformed shape and texture over it.”

Hess said when it comes to Valentine’s Day, they prefer to order flowers ahead of time.

“We make all arrangements to order, almost all,” she said. “But on Valentine’s Day, we’ll have some ready that they can choose from when they just walk in. But, I would say the earlier the better. If you have ordered you flowers by, shall we say Sunday night, you’re in great shape.”

Hess said flowers are the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day because they can evoke many different emotions.

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