Fargo Prepares for Single Stream Recycling

You only have to call if the city if you do not want to be in the new recyling program.

FARGO, N.D. — The city of Fargo is going to an all–in–one recycling program this summer.

The phones are  ringing off the hook over confusion about the program.

We knocked on doors and talked to people who said separating cans from plastics and glass can be time consuming.

Staff at Fargo Recycles, which is run by the city of Fargo, have heard similar things.

This summer, they’re delivering a solution.

Every homeowner in Fargo is scheduled to receive a 96 gallon recycling bin in June.

“We do it in the house in the kitchen, in the separate bags we put things in there, and then have to separate it when we put it out on the curb as well,” said Michael Haugen, a homeowner in north Fargo.

The new container will replace the old one and it allows you to throw all your recyclables together.

“You won’t need two or three recycling bins stacked up in your garage,” said Jennifer Pickett, Recycling Supervisor with the city of Fargo. “The ease of recycling. Usually that increases the participation rate.”

“When we switch to the new system, we’ll just simply put it in one bin and it will be much easier,” said Haugen.

The new single stream service will cost you $3 a month.

If you don’t want the new bin, you have the option to call Fargo Recycles and opt out.

“Some people opt out that maybe don’t have room for that extra container,” said Pickett. “We have quite a few people who use our recycling drop sites in Fargo and people like that to haul their recyclables themselves.”

You have until the end of the day on Tuesday the 14th to let the city know.

Otherwise, you’ll automatically be receiving the new container.

“There would be no action required for residents that want this recycling program,” explained Pickett. “We will deliver the bins and then we will start the collection in July. The only action residents would need to take is if they want to opt out.”

People who choose to reject the recycle bin will be responsible for discarding their own recyclables beginning in July.

To opt out of the program, you can call the city at (701)-476-4087.

For more information, you can also visit Fargo Recycling website.

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