Clay County Sheriff’s Office Lending a Hand to Moorhead PD

Amid staffing shortages at Moorhead Police Department, the two law enforcement agencies have signed a contract to share recources

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Moorhead Police are going to be getting a little help from Clay County Sheriff’s Office due to staffing shortages.

Moorhead Police said the staffing issues are the result of unanticipated injuries, medical conditions and military deployments.

The department has always worked closely with Clay County and the contract between the two law enforcement agencies will allow off duty Sheriff’s Deputies to pick up shifts in Moorhead.

“This affords us the opportunity for a sheriff’s deputy to sign up for overtime to work a shift to have a beat assignment in the city of Moorhead to help our officers on a consistent basis,” said Lieutenant Tory Jacobson with Moorhead Police Department.

Moorhead Police said this is only a temporary fix.

They’re currently training some new officers and looking to hire more to fill the open positions.

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