Inside Perspective on Downtown’s Arts Incubator

Artists are an endangered species in some communities. But Fargo's giving them their very own environment.

In an economy that can price artists right out of the real estate market, it’s rare to see a community that’s making an effort to give art and the people who create it a dedicated space to make art flower.

That’s what downtown’s Fargo’s Art Incubator aims to do. The space was developed by The Arts Partnership and the Kilbourne group and taken over in August, offers performing, creating and rehearsing spaces for rent to artists in the Fargo region in a space previously used by the military.

Now, one space is being used by a local rapper, another by a regional improv troupe, and this weekend it will host the Pastry Palooza from 8 to 11 a.m., featuring a friend of the show, Nichole’s Fine Pastry.

Check out this interview with  Chelsey Englehard, the Communications Director of The Arts Partnership, who sat down live in-studio with Emily to talk about why making space for artists is so important for a community.


225 4th Ave N

Fargo, ND 58103


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