‘Power of Children’ Exhibit at the Hjemkomst Center

The power of the children exhibit was set up to teach kids the importance of discrimination and adversity

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Kids are out of school but still had the opportunity to get an art, science and history lesson all in one.

The Hjemkomst Center and Inspire Innovation Lab teamed up to create the ultimate learning experience.

An exhibit has been set up at the museum recognizing three kids who faced adversity and discrimination in order to change the world.

Kids learned lessons about Ruby Bridges, Ryan White and Anne Frank.

An activity involving grain and rice was set up to demonstrate how many people died during the Holocaust.

“Kids are important. Kids can make a difference and we’re teaching about history,” said Markus Krueger, Programming Director with the Hjemkomst Center. “What was it like to be a kid in the 1940’s in Germany? What was it like to be a kid when I was growing up in the 80s and 90s?”

The ‘Power of Children’ exhibit will be up until March 6th.

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