MSUM Transgender Professor Speaks Out on Bathroom Rights

Raymond Rea, an MSUM professor and transgender man said this has long term effects

MOORHEAD, Minn. — An MSUM professor, who identifies as a transgender man, is against President Trump’s withdrawal of transgender protections.

The Trump Administration lifted a set of Obama-era guidelines which allowed transgender students to use the bathroom based on their gender identity.

What happened has not yet affected any laws.

This instead rejects the inclusion of gender identity in the interpretation of Title Nine, a federal law which bans gender based discrimination in schools.

“There’s absolutely no reason to think that allowing people into bathrooms according to gender identity will increase any type of harassment or violence,” said┬áRaymond Rea, a transgender man and MSUM film professor.

Rea told us┬áthe President’s decision will have a long term impact on the transgender community.

He’s not alone.

In Washington DC, hundreds rallied outside the white house in opposition of the Trump Administration’s decision.

“We will not be beaten down by this administration or any,” Gavin Grimm said among the protesters.

Grimm is a transgender boy who was not allowed to use male bathrooms in his high school.

He’s still taking his case to the Supreme Court despite the President’s decision.

Jackie Evancho, a singer at Mister Trump’s inauguration, tweeted out her opposition saying she’s “obviously disappointed” in the President.

“This issue was a very huge example of the Obama administration’s overreach to suggest one-size-fits-all Federal Government approach,” said Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

DeVos hinted opposition of the administration’s rejection, but showed support after it was announced.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer says these issues should be decided by the states.

“This is up to states and schools within a particular district to address how they want to accommodate that,” Spicer said.

But in terms of the law, Rea said not a lot has changed.

“Right now, I think a lot of transgender students are starting to be more aware that they do have rights and that they are covered under federal guidelines,” Rea said. “Although I think, to be honest, Trump’s disclosure that he was in some way rescinding transgender protections made it sound he was actually rescinding transgender protections, which he’s not. He’s not able to do that.”

Rea said with this decision, it will be more difficult for students, parents and teachers to get information about transgender rights.

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