NDSU Departments Go Head to Head for Fellow Student with Health Crisis

Two NDSU departments are raising money for a pharmacy student's medical bills

FARGO, N.D. — NDSU students are having some friendly competition for a good cause.

The College of Engineering and the College of Health Professions are going head to head to raise money for Emily Perrin’s medical bills.

The pharmacy student suffered a brain hemorrhage in December.

In the 7th annual “Battle of the Cents-es”, donated coins will give positive points to each team while dollar bills give negative points.

People are encouraged to sabotage the teams.

“We tell them kind of some background information and encourage them to donate,” said Charlie Olson, Ambassador for the College of Engineering. “It doesn’t really matter who they support because it all goes to the same cause. So far, College of Engineering has a streak going right now and we plan on making it a third.”

Booths to collect donations will be set up at Memorial Union, Sudro Hall and the engineering complex  until the end of the week.

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