Real Estate Team Nationally Recognized for Helping Heroes Find Homes

Homes for Heroes helps veterans, firefighters, police officers, teachers and healthcare professionals buy and sell houses

FARGO, N.D. — A local real estate agency is being nationally recognized for helping heroes find homes.

In 2016, the team helped almost 50 heroes find, buy and maintain new houses.

When finding a new house, there can be a lot of unexpected costs.

From blinds to landscaping, and the closing costs.

This is what Homes for Heroes is for.

They help guide veterans, firefighters, officers, teachers and healthcare workers through the process of buying a house.

Through years of dedication, the Krabbenhoft Real Estate team ranked number nine in the country for the 2016 year of Homes for Heroes.

“Homes for Heroes kind of originated right after 911,” explained Troy Krabbenhoft, the team leader. “After people saw what happened, everybody wanted to rush to help somehow.”

Krabbenhoft used to serve in the military and in our local law enforcement.

Although he’s retired from the force, he says doing this is great way to pay it forward.

“I know what they do for the community,” said Krabbenhoft. “I really feel we can help out people that help out our community through this program, and that’s why I love to do this.”

Military veteran Lezlie Pihlgren says she appreciates the program because not only did they recognize her service, they found her a great house.

“The Homes for Heroes program really helped me with closing costs, and I just want other vets to be aware that this program is out there,” said Pihlgren. “If you’re looking at buying a house or selling a house, it really helps.”

Krabbenhoft said Homes for Heroes gave her a few thousand dollars back on commission which the company could have pocketed.

They also helped with some of the unexpected paperwork.

For local law enforcement officer Mike Haderlie, that was a big plus.

“Having that partner on your corner going through it with you definitely made it a lot smoother,” said Haderlie.

In 2016, the Krabbenhoft team gave back more than $84,000 to thank heroes for their service and make sure they get a good house.

To find out if you qualify for Homes for Heroes, click here.

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