Tree Trimming Begins in the City of Fargo

Removing dead branches makes trees stronger, resist diseases and withstand severe winds

FARGO, N.D. — Winter is just about over, but, before the leaves of spring appear, city crews are finishing up another season of tree trimming.

Spring officially arrives later this month, and, by then, the city’s trees will once again be full of leaves.

The city of Fargo is making sure that every one of their trees is ready for the new growing season.

“The Forestry Department for the City of Fargo is to take care of the right–of–way, the public property, ninety percent of that is probably between the curbs and sidewalks,” said Don Johnson, Fargo Arborist Supervisor.

Tree trimmers removed dead branches from the city’s trees hoping that they’ll stay strong all year long.

“So, we are looking at removing ash trees that are not in very good shape or structurally not sound, whatever, so we can get a jump start on diversifying our urban, city forest,” said Tracy Zablotney, Forestry Department foreman.

In addition to keeping the city’s trees safe from disease, tree trimming also keeps the public safe.

“It’s a nuisance for the home owner because every time the wind blows you get dead wood we can get a phone call that they’re tired of it,” said Johnson.

Tree trimming is hard work for city workers but it is an essential part of keeping Fargo safe and looking good.

Fargo’s forestry department inspects all trees along every city street in an eight–year rotation.

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