Millennials Can’t Get Enough Of Wine

Studies Show millennials drink more wine than any other generation

According to Forbes, millennials drank more wine in the last year than any other generation.

You may think beer pong and keg stands, but when it comes to millennials, there seems to be a different alcoholic beverage in mind.

“I prefer wine,” said MSUM Student, Maggie Stickney.

“Oh wine!” said NDSU Student, Megan Olson.

“For sure wine,” said NDSU Student, Elizabeth Neshem.

According to Forbes magazine, in 2015, millennials consumed 42% of all wine in the U.S. which is equivalent to 159.6 million cases.

This has caused liquor stores to stock up more than usual.

“They are a big part of the market here. I believe the millennial generation is the largest generation surpassing the baby boomers and that carries a lot of weight when it comes to buying power,” said Manager with 99 Bottles, Justin Blanford.

Blanford says 99 Bottles consistently has a flood of younger adults coming in asking questions about their wine selection.

This happens so often the liquor store now offers a wine course.

“They show a lot of interest in the stories behind wine in particular. They want to know how it’s made, what makes it unique and what expectations they have in trying the wine,” said Blanford.

“It’s super interesting learning the history of it and where it evolves from.”

Liquor store employees are even relying on theĀ 21 to 34 year olds.

They want what their favorites are in order to know exactly how to stock their shelves.

“We hear what customers want to try and the new products they’re looking at and maybe a new region or a new style and so that helps us pick out and diversify our selection quite a bit, ” said Wine Buyer with 99 Bottles, Anthony Howe.

And out of all the different types of wine, there seems to be a crowd favorite.

“Red moscato for sure,” said Neshem.

“Oh yeah Barefoot for sure. That my favorite,” said Olson.

“Probably Barefoot moscato,” said Stickney.

And larger amounts of it…

Research shows that millennials drink an average of 3.1 glasses of wine per sitting, compared to 2.4 for Generation Xers and 1.9 for baby boomers.

“I got into because I didn’t like the drinking culture that I saw from other generations and I wanted to try wine to have a really cool product to enjoy flavor and to just really enjoy a farm to table product,” said Howe

Millennials have taken over technology, social media and now, can’t get enough of wine.

Who knew grapes could be so tasty?

“It tastes good with everything,” said Neshem.

Research also shows among the frequent wine drinkers under 30, two-thirds were women.

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