New Bill Introduced in Minnesota Turns “Snow Days” into “School Days” for Students

Minnesota Legislators are hoping to replace snow days with 'e-learning' days

MINNESOTA — Students in Minnesota may want to take advantage of any upcoming snow days before they’re over with for good.

Sleeping in, building snowmen or having play dates with friends is what usually comes to mind when we think of having snow days.

Yet, students may be kissing these days goodbye as lawmakers in Minnesota are working on establishing e-learning days instead.

“That means, instead of having school, students would have certain assignments,” explained Lynne Kovash, Superintendent with Moorhead Public Schools. “Work would be assigned virtually from their teacher.”

Could this be the future of education?

Kovash says it was bound to happen.

“Things that we wanted to do many years ago are now becoming a reality because of the technology,” she added.

Students in grades K-12 would continue to have a class lesson and have assignments due, which they can work on from a laptop or tablet in the comfort of their home.

Some parents are ready for this change to happen.

“I think it’s great,” said Shane Bruwgeman, who lives in Moorhead. “I mean, the kids are there to learn. If Mother Nature does come, it’s a little bit harsh on us. Let them continue to learn.”

Ideas for continued education are already in the works.

“Twitter,” mentioned Kovash. “You can have chats on Twitter. You could have Google Hangout. You could even see different people when they talk.”

However, there may be some downfalls that need to be worked out before this bill is put into action.

“Every student has to have a device,” said Kovash. “That’s another concern I have.”

One parent thinks she has the answer.

“Well, I think we all just get there the way we can and there’s a lot of set up at the libraries they can use,” said Renee Huff, who lives in Moorhead. “So take advantage of those resources.”

Students may want to make sure their devices are charged up.

The House Education Innovation Policy Committee laid the bill over last Thursday for possible larger bill inclusion.

It will now await action by the Senate E-12 Policy Committee.

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