St.Patrick’s Day In Fargo: Wearing More Than Just Green To The Parade

Organizers want to make sure you're prepared for the outdoor St.Patrick's Day celebration

FARGO, N.D. — There are events for all ages in the works to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the next two weekends.

Organizers want to make sure you’re prepared for what the outdoor party might bring.

“One day a year, everyone is Irish,” said Don Martin, Operations Manager at FM Ambulance.

Or in Fargo, two days a year when you count the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day.

“Downtown is always a buzz parade day,” Martin says, who also happens to be on the planning committee for the annual FM St.Patrick’s Day parade.

This year, marks the 21st year the town streets flood with a sea of green.

“There’s a children’s run that starts and then there is a 5 k and then after that, there’s a 10k. It helps getting the group when it’s cold out, you see the runners coming through, it starts getting the spirit up, and getting excited for the parade to come through,” said Martin.

Most people are mix and match their outfit because it’s the day where it’s okay to wear whatever you want as long as it’s green!

However, T–shirt weather isn’t quite here yet like you may remember it being in the past.

“We’ve had temperatures from subzero, all the way up to 80 something degrees,” Martin recalled.

He wants to remind people the importance of being dressed appropriately for the cold, especially, if you’re heading out early for a good spot at the parade.

“It’s the doorway opening saying spring is going to be here soon and winter is going to be done,” Martin said.

Broadway will be closed to vehicle traffic during the parade, however, businesses are opening early for the occasion

That means many bars will have their doors open for a pub crawl, also starting at 1 p.m.

“There are instances of excess of consumption and stuff, so if you feel that you’re unsafe or your surroundings are unsafe, contact the authorities by calling 911,” Martin explained.

Although the pub crawl and parade are not associated, Martin doesn’t think there are issues with the two happening at the same time.

“Typically it’s a pretty safe environment downtown because we’ve been trying to promote this for quite a while. Being safe downtown in a family community environment,” said Martin.

There is no parking on Broadway before or during the parade.

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