Fargo Leaders Say City is Prepared for the Rest of the Flood Season

The updated forecast calls for a lessened chance of a major flood in Fargo

FARGO, N.D. — The latest flood outlook for the region is out, and the chances for a major flood are down.  The city’s flood protection project is nearing completion. City leaders say they’re prepared for the rest of the flood season.

The National Weather Service has issued a revised flood outlook for the 2017 season. The forecast calls for a 50 percent chance of at least some minor flooding along the Red River in Fargo.

The mayor believes the city is ready to handle whatever flood event may come this spring.

“We’ve done a lot of in–town flood protection and dikes and walls and different structures throughout the city as well as doing some work in the county as well, and those have come along quite nicely,” said Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney.

The downtown flood protection structures built over the past few years looked to be getting a major test this flood season. In December, conditions looked favorable for a major flood, but this winter, the people of the F–M area caught a big break.

“Somebody just turned off the faucet…we stopped having snow, we stopped having precipitation, and, in fact, most precipitation that came in the form of liquid,” said Dr. Adnan Akyuz, North Dakota State Climatologist.

“We’ve done extremely well this winter,” said Mahoney. “We’ve been fortunate, unless we have a major rain event, we’re going to be okay.”

The remaining portion of the in–town flood protection involves buying up properties through eminent domain.  It’s work that the public may not see on a daily basis.

“A lot of our projects right now are more into the neighborhoods – Belmont area – those different areas,” said Mahoney.  “You won’t see as much impact on the regular public, it’ll just start to impact neighborhoods.”

The flood of 2009 was devastating, but the city believes that when its flood protection project is done, flood disasters will be a distant memory.

The update flood forecast does call for likely major flooding for Devils Lake, Grafton and Pembina.

For a link to the latest flood forecast, click here.

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