Doosan Bobcat employees say they will be back at work Sunday night

Union President Wilkinson Says Union Leadership Will Be Doing Everything In Its Power To Keep Employees Protected

FARGO, N.D. — In a memo received from a worker at Bobcat, the letter says roughly 500 workers will be going back to work starting Sunday night. Union President Will Wilkinson says the company is providing workers protective gear like masks and gloves, but he has concerns if that will be enough to protect workers. “The Smithfield plant is what…

Avoid Sunburns and Risk of Cancer While Enjoying the Sunshine

Sunscreen in essential when heading outdoors

Before you head out to enjoy the warm summer days, make sure you’re not harming your skin. Lots of things are good in moderation. Sunshine is one of them. “In Texas we have a lot of heat, pretty much year round, so I don’t go outside with anything less than a SPF 50 on, coat myself,” Don Buehrer, who’s visiting…

Former Colorado Officer Teaches Self-Defense Techniques at Fargo YMCA

He wants both men and women to know they can fight back from an attack

FARGO, N.D. — A retired Colorado officer is looking to teach people in the F–M area how to act fast when they’re in danger. Michael Jamison is teaching a self–defense class at the YMCA in downtown Fargo. He is teaching people moves they need to make to protect themselves from attackers. Jamison says his goal is to empower people and realize…

Buckle Up! Protecting Your Child Correctly When Driving

The group is hosting a free class for expecting parents and those of newborn babies to show the right ways to install your car seat

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — When strapping your child into their car seat or making sure their belt is buckled up, many parents are just trying to protect their kiddos. But Safe Kids Grand Forks says many parents don’t realize that depending on their age and size each child needs to be protected differently. The group is hosting a free class…

Health Providers Stress Importance of Creating an Advance Health Plan

Regardless of age, officials say that everyone should have an advance directive in case of a health emergency

FARGO, N.D. — Young people don’t usually think about how they’d like to be cared for if they are unable to make their own decisions, but health officials say it’s important for everyone to have a plan in case of the inevitable. “For young people, car accidents, a whole variety of things could happen to them too, even though they’re ‘bulletproof’….

Flood Diversion Task Force Releases Report on Construction Recommendations

The future of the greater Fargo–Moorhead area has been in question since the destructive flood of 1997

FARGO, ND — The Flood Diversion Task Force has released its recommendations, but does that mean construction will continue for the Red River diversion project? The future of the greater Fargo–Moorhead area has been in question since the destructive flood of 1997. But now, those fears may come to an end with new protections. “It gives people an opportunity to…

FM Diversion Task Force Meets for Final Time, Says They’re Making Progress

They include sending more water through the river channel and moving a holding area closer to town

FARGO, ND — The Diversion Task Force met for the fifth and final time and made progress towards a solution for permanent flood protection in the metro. The task force is recommending large-scale changes to the Red River diversion project around Fargo-Moorhead. They include sending more water through the river channel and moving a holding area closer to town. The…

Dilworth Police Help Public to Stay Safe and Aware of Scams

The department is hosting a seminar to inform the public on how to keep themselves safe from attackers and aware of scams

DILWORTH, Minn. — The Dilworth Police Department is hosting a personal and home safety public seminar to inform the public on how to stay prepared. The Police Chief and participants involved took part in a basic self-defense workshop and learned how to avoid frauds and scams. They were also informed on how to prepare for natural or man-made disasters in…

New Mississippi Valley Division Commander Meets with Gov. Burgum, Sen. Hoeven Over Flood Diversion Efforts

Major General Kaiser says the most important thing that came out of today's meeting is hearing about both Minnesota and North Dakota working together toward a common goal

FARGO, ND — The F–M Flood Diversion project has caused controversy for years but now Governor Dayton and Governor Burgum are working together for permanent flood protection. “The engineers are confident they can solve it,” said Gov. Burgum. “It’ll take some engineering skills, it’s going to take some political skill, it’s going to take some give and collaboration for us…

Grand Forks Air Force Base Plays Vital Role in National Security

Senators Hoeven and Heitkamp met with Colonel Benjamin Spencer, Commander of the 319th Air base Wing

GRAND FORKS, ND — Senators Heitkamp and Hoeven are working together to make sure Grand Forks Air Force Base continues to play a vital role in protecting national security. The senators met with Colonel Benjamin Spencer, Commander of the 319th Air base Wing. They reviewed base operations and talked about the renovations of a building for Customs and Border Patrol…