Avoid Sunburns and Risk of Cancer While Enjoying the Sunshine

Sunscreen in essential when heading outdoors

Before you head out to enjoy the warm summer days, make sure you’re not harming your skin.

Lots of things are good in moderation. Sunshine is one of them.

“In Texas we have a lot of heat, pretty much year round, so I don’t go outside with anything less than a SPF 50 on, coat myself,” Don Buehrer, who’s visiting Fargo, said.

Sunscreen is essential when heading outdoors.

There are two types: one that shields UV rays, and the other absorbs them.

Essentia dermatologist Amanda Beehler says the kinds that have ingredients like titanium or zinc oxide are better.

“Those are the ingredients you look for when you flip it over. They tend to be whitish, not as elegant, but they are better because they block physically the UV rays from getting in the skin,” she said.

You should reapply every two hours, especially if you’re sweating or swimming, and avoid the sun at peak hours.

It’s also good to stay covered, whether that be staying in the shade, or wearing a hat or protective clothing.

If you notice any new moles on your skin or anything that’s not healing or bleeding on its own: see a doctor.

Beehler says she sees a lot of patients who think getting a “base tan” will reduce their risk of getting burned. That’s not true.

“They go to the tanning beds before they go on vacation. Or ‘if I get base tan I won’t get burned.’ You don’t need that. You will still get burned even if you have this base tan,” she said.

Skin cancer can happen to anybody at any age. Beehler says 1 in 5 Americans will experience it.

“I’ve had a 26 year old, 34 year old, like you can get skin cancer early,” she said.

“We had a family member with skin cancer many, many years ago and from that point on we’ve always made sure that we’re very well–protected,” Buehrer said.

Essentia will be setting up stations at pools in Fargo, West Fargo, and Moorhead throughout the summer to remind people to stay safe in the sun.

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