Flood Diversion Task Force Releases Report on Construction Recommendations

The future of the greater Fargo–Moorhead area has been in question since the destructive flood of 1997

FARGO, ND — The Flood Diversion Task Force has released its recommendations, but does that mean construction will continue for the Red River diversion project?

The future of the greater Fargo–Moorhead area has been in question since the destructive flood of 1997.

But now, those fears may come to an end with new protections.

“It gives people an opportunity to finally see what’s going to happen,” said Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney, who is also a member of the Metro Flood Diversion Authority.

The Flood Diversion Task Force has recommended a re–start for the stalled Red River diversion project.

“This is a great step forward. If you try to litigate in the courts, it’s a two to three year process,” Mahoney said.

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum and Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton prevented that step by coming to a mutual agreement for what they say the metro needs.

Over the last decade, community members have been wondering what their futures will look like and now Mayor Mahoney says there will be a solution.

“I think I’ve often been asked is it going to go forward, yes it is,” Mahoney said.

He says many people have been in an ‘unknown zone’, wanting to know what the impact is on them.

This final recommendation gives people more clarity.

“It gives us more definity that this has to go ahead,” Mahoney said.  “You will see a different project than you saw befor

There is a lot of work that still needs to be done.

“The last part of the puzzle is the alignment and we have to see what our engineers and our task force comes up with, with the DNR,” Mahoney said.

The big question is: can the technical team come up with a solution that covers up–stream, Minnesota and North Dakota concerns while also having a reasonable alternative?

“I truthfully think that’s going to happen,” Mahoney said.

Mayor Mahoney says he thinks in the next two to four months, they will start moving on the next steps.

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