Experts Say Permit or No Permit, Learning Firearm Safety is Key

Being properly trained to handle a firearm is critical

FARGO, N.D. — Although the new concealed carry law doesn’t require a permit, many people believe that it is important to know how to properly handle a firearm.

Being properly trained to handle a firearm is critical.

Safety instructor, Craig Roe, explains the four universal safety rules.

The first rule is treat every firearm like it’s loaded.

“Whether you just unloaded this gun or not or somebody else handed it to you and told you that it’s unloaded, you check it again,” said Roe. “You double check it, you triple check it and then you still treat it like a loaded handgun so that you’re not ever sweeping yourself or anyone else with this gun.”

The second rule is to keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.

“If you’re treating it like a loaded gun, that’s the direction it’s has to be pointed, in a safe direction,” Roe explained.

The third rule is to make sure you keep your finger off of the trigger until you are fully prepared to shoot.

“You got to make sure you not only have a legal target but you got to know what is beyond that target,” added Roe. “You’re going to be responsible for where this bullet goes. You cannot be hitting, injuring or killing an innocent bystander either or you’re going to be held liable for that.”

The fourth rule is to make sure you store your unloaded gun and ammo in a separate places.

“Lock up your guns over here, lock up your ammo over here,” he said. “If you can’t put the two together, then you should never ever have a problem with guns going off or unauthorized people getting hold of both of them.”

Even if you do have the proper training, it’s important to come to the range and practice your shooting.

“Come up and practice,” said Roe. “It’s your responsibility when you do have a gun to practice so that you are able to shoot it properly and can hit your target.”

Roe said that even though the new concealed carry law doesn’t require a permit, he recommends people get one.

“Get that permit so that you can carry in other states and you’ve taken responsibility to learn that training,” he said.

A proposal to allow trained staff members to carry concealed firearms in schools has just been defeated by the state Senate.

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