Local Golf Clubs Open for the Season

Hawley Golf & Country Club opened up for the season and golfers were there first thing in the morning

HAWLEY, Minn. — Golf clubs are out and swings are in full force.

The weather was just right for Hawley Golf & Country Club to open back up for business.

A “balmy” 56 degrees and a little bit of sunshine is all golfers need to get back on the course.

“It feels good. You can’t beat this kind of weather,” said golfer Rick Cariveau.

“No wind. That makes it great,” said golfer Bob Peterson.

“Being from North Dakota-Minnesota area, it is a great time because you’re cooped up for four to five months a lot of times,” said another golfer.

Most of the golfers we talked to have been hitting the links for decades.

“Probably about 30 years,” said Peterson.

“Off and on for the last 10 to 15 years probably. I’ve been golfing a lot for the past few years,” said golfer Rick Adams.

Being back on the green today reminded them of why they continue to come out and play each and every year.

“Camaraderie. Just hanging out. If I hit the ball or I shank it or whatever, it’s just having fun,” said Cariveau.

“I just love to be out here in the outdoors,” added Peterson. “I’m out here a lot and I play a lot of golf so I love it.”

Although it’s all fun and games, the sport is a little bit trickier than you may think.

“It’s so easy to over swing and slice the ball,” said Peterson. “It takes a long time to learn how to straighten that out,” said Peterson.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution.

“It’s best to take a lot of lessons to begin with,” he added.

So Tiger Woods, you may want to watch out because these golfers may be coming for you.


In addition to Hawley Golf Club, Edgewood Public Golf Course will also be opening for the season this Thursday at 10 a.m.

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