Midco Selects Fargo as its First “Gig City”

Fargo is the First City to Try Out Midco's New Xstream Gig Service

FARGO, N.D. — People will soon be able to experience the fastest internet speeds they’ve ever seen.

Midco has selected Fargo to become the first city among many that will receive its new Xstream Gig high–speed internet service.

It is thirty five times faster than other high–speed internet services.

Governor Burgum said that everything in a community is impacted by the advances in digital information.

“That information, we need to be able to move it,” he explained. “We need to be able to collect it, we need to be able to process it, we need to be able to analyze it, you know, better, faster and more efficiently than ever before because that’s what’s going to enable all kinds of new business models.”

Some of the other cities that are getting the Xstream Gig internet service include Casselton, Buffalo and Prairie Rose.

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