MSUM Celebrates and Welcomes All Nations to Campus

Celebration of Nations was held at MSUM for students and family to learn more about one another's culture

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Flags were raised at MSUM as the school spent the evening celebrating nations.

Students are sharing their music, their favorite foods and their style of clothing which represents their culture the best.

Friends and family were invited to Celebration of Nations at MSUM for a night of entertainment, flag parades, food, culture and fashion from around the world.

Students representing their countries exhibited items from their homeland to share with the community.

It seems cooking their favorite foods was a highlight.

“It’s momo. It’s like a dumpling. It’s so good. Everybody loves it,” said Nitsh Shenkat, an international student from Nepal.

“Different kinds of vegetables and mixing them up with different kinds of spices,” said Aminat Dabiri-Lahuta, international student from Nigeria.

According to the students, their dishes are something not to be missed.

“You should try it sometime,” said Shenkat.

“You might want to taste some it’s really delicious,” said Lahuta.

Students also shared why they believe diversity is important and why sharing their cultural background is the greatest learning experience.

“It’s kind of nice that people from different countries have a different way of life and Celebration of Nations can accept diversity,” said Munkh Ochler, international alumni student from Mongolia.

“Diversity is important because human beings are unique and everyone is different, and you just can’t have one thing being the same all the time,” said Emma Darkwa, international student from Ghana.

They say the diversity of MSUM is largely what brought them here in the first place.

“When I was searching for schools, true College Board and everything I checked the diversity and saw there was a lot of diversity at MSUM,” said Lahuta.

And for others, it’s what brought them to this country in general.

“This was the only country that didn’t think of themselves as a country but instead everyone is equal,” said Shenkat.

However, they were upset with President Trump’s travel ban.

“It’s kind of sad to see that falling apart,” said Shenkat.

“We don’t know what went through President Trump’s mind when he wanted to pass that,” said Ochler.

Nonetheless, that won’t stop them from celebrating their culture.

“We should celebrate diversity as a whole,” said Darkwa.

While today is special day students say that diversity and culture should be celebrated every day to learn about one another’s history.

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