Looking for a Summer Job? Fargo Park District is Looking for 500 of You

During it's busiest season, the Fargo Park District is hiring over 500 part time employees

FARGO, N.D. — Looking for a part time job?

The Fargo Park District is looking for you…and 500 more of your friends.

More golf courses are getting ready to fully open for the season and employees are needed across the greens.

“People are really anxious to get out there, especially at the beginning,” said golfer Joseph Martinez. “They were cooped up at the house all winter long.”

Golfers are enjoying the 11 open holes at Rose Creek Public Golf Course.

“This one and Edgewood are probably my two favorites in town, or even in the area,” Martinez said.

As more people grab their clubs to tee off, the Fargo Park District is looking to add members to its own team.

“Right now is probably some of our busiest times with our spring coming into our summer months,” said Fargo Park District Executive Director Joel Vettel. “We are currently trying to fill in over 500 positions part time.”

Vettel said workers range from high school students to retired people looking to get back into the workforce.

“Many of our jobs are more of the entry level positions,” explained Vettel.

Not the golfing type?

There are open jobs coaching youth teams or working at the city pool.

“There is a variety of times people can work and a variety of positions that we have,” said Vettel. “But more importantly, I think it’s people looking for something that really is about their interest.”

The Fargo Park District wants to give the best quality service to its users.

“We know that people want to get out here now and that’s why we’re doing all we can to make sure that they look the best that they can,” said Vettel.

According to one golfer, the service is up to par.

“They know what they’re doing,” said Martinez. “They run a really nice ship here for sure.”

So if you’re an outdoorsy or an active person, what more are you waiting for?

“Working on some of our great green grass and some of our trees and flowers,” coaxed Vettel. “Just an opportunity to really get outside and enjoy the day but also get paid for it.”

Because working for the Fargo Park District…can help you get into the full swing of summer.

To see what jobs are available and to apply, click here.

For updates on golf course openings, click here.

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