Fargo Public Library Shares Big Announcement

The library released a new on demand streaming app for those with a library card

FARGO, N.D. It’s National Library Week and the Fargo Public Library has an announcement they’d like to share with the community.

Hoopla is the newest addition to the Fargo Public Library’s Digital Downloads Collection.

You can now download the latest on-demand streaming service app.

Those with a Fargo Public Library card will be able to stream books, films, music and more all on the app.

Every item will always be available without any holds and each person receives up to five checkouts per month.

“I think people are going to like the film aspect of it the movies,” said Jason DeShaw, who is the head of collection development. “But like I’m kind of a comic book nerd and it has a really great selection of comic books that’s hard to beat out there. So I think that’s going to be really popular as well.”

Hoopla will work on any iPhone, Android or Kindle Fire device.

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