Netflix shares drop 23% after losing 200,000 customers

SAN FRANCISCO – Netflix’s video streaming service suffered the first loss in worldwide subscribers in its history, leading to a massive sell-off of its shares. The company’s customer base fell by 200,000 subscribers during the January-March period, according to a quarterly report released Tuesday; its stock dropped by 23% in after-market trading. The subscription figure was far worse than company…

Social Distancing: The Gift Of Hamilton

Iconic Musical Available To Stream Now Due To Pandemic

  People are going gaga over Hamilton on Disney+ this morning. The musical is streaming because of COVID-19. But too much traffic can cause problems for streaming sites. I have a friend who stayed up until 2 a.m. Friday to watch Hamilton as soon as humanely possible. Then she got this error message. Imagine waiting years to see something and…

Social Distancing: May The Fourth Be With You

Plus, A Perfect Excuse To Revisit Your Favorites And Show Them To A New Audience

  Social distancing is giving us a lot of time to catch up on the myriad of new shows streaming. Even with all this free time, you’ll never catch up on everything. But it’s also a time to revisit the classics. So here’s an idea, show your loved ones some of your favorite shows and movies. I showed my girlfriend…

Netflix Raising Prices on Streaming Plans

The change affects most of Netflix's 53 million U.S. subscribers, although some won't be hit so long as they don't mind going without high-definition video

  NATIONAL — Netflix is raising the price for its most popular video streaming plan by 10 percent; a move that could boost its profits but slow the subscriber growth that drives its stock price. The change affects most of Netflix’s 53 million U.S. subscribers, although some won’t be hit so long as they don’t mind going without high-definition video….

New Streaming Feature for the MN Supreme Court: Legal Battle Between Gov. Dayton and Republicans

The Supreme Court's ruling could set major precedent for a governor's use of the veto pen

ST. PAUL, Minn. — The legal battle between Gov. Dayton and Republican lawmakers is in the hands of Minnesota’s highest court and for the first time in the court’s history, it was streamed live. “If we rule in your favor, doesn’t that mean that some future governor could defund the judiciary or that some future legislature could defund the judiciary?”…

Paul Walker Tribute Song Surpasses Gangnam Style as Most Watched YouTube Video

YouTube had to rewrite its code to up the number of maximum views

  NATIONAL — Almost exactly five years after its release, Psy’s record-setting video for “Gangnam Style” has been surpassed as YouTube’s most-watched clip by Wiz Khalifa. After becoming the first video to reach one billion views, the visual now has 2.8 billion views, but that’s no longer enough to hold the title. Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” featuring Charlie Puth,…

Fargo Public Library Shares Big Announcement

The library released a new on demand streaming app for those with a library card

FARGO, N.D. It’s National Library Week and the Fargo Public Library has an announcement they’d like to share with the community. Hoopla is the newest addition to the Fargo Public Library’s Digital Downloads Collection. You can now download the latest on-demand streaming service app. Those with a Fargo Public Library card will be able to stream books, films, music and…

YouTube Announces YouTube TV Cable Free Subscriptions

Furthermore, Google Home and Google Cast developers are working out bugs that will allow users to speak to their televisions in order to control their watching of shows by voice

NATIONAL — YouTube has officially entered into the television streaming business. Company officials announced a way users can watch their favorite shows LIVE and on-demand without a cable or satellite subscription and be able to choose from up to 40 networks for $35 a month. Most of the channels the company has sealed a deal with are the four major…