New Streaming Feature for the MN Supreme Court: Legal Battle Between Gov. Dayton and Republicans

The Supreme Court's ruling could set major precedent for a governor's use of the veto pen

ST. PAUL, Minn. — The legal battle between Gov. Dayton and Republican lawmakers is in the hands of Minnesota’s highest court and for the first time in the court’s history, it was streamed live.

“If we rule in your favor, doesn’t that mean that some future governor could defund the judiciary or that some future legislature could defund the judiciary?” asked Chief Justice Lori Skjerven Gildea.

“It couldn’t defund because the court has the ability to provide for funding,” answered one of the lawyers.

The Minnesota Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case surrounding the Democratic governor zeroing out the Legislature’s $130 million operating budget.

Dayton used a line-item veto to force top Republicans to rework major tax breaks and other measures he signed into law earlier this year.

The Supreme Court’s ruling could set major precedent for a governor’s use of the veto pen.

Today’s hearing was the first to be streamed live online.

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