Why There Is Such A Need For A Methadone Clinic In Fargo

The drug abuse problem in Fargo will soon come to an end

Since 2012, more than 90 people have died in Cass County from an opioid overdose.

Now there’s a new clinic to help those struggling with addiction.

“You can expect to die 15 to 20 years earlier than someone that does not have an opioid abuse disorder,” said Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator with Fargo Cass Public Health, Robyn Sall.

Help is on the way.

A clinic will soon open in Fargo to treat those battling opioid addiction.

Community Medical Services is a methadone clinic that will be open for business in just over one week.

Robyn Sall with Fargo Cass Public Health says we need it now more than ever.

“It’s definitely a need that we have especially with what we’ve seen with opioid disorder and how that has really skyrocketed and we’ve seen overdose and overdose deaths,” said Sall.

In 2016, Fargo PD responded to 67 opiate-related overdoses and FM Ambulance treated 99 patients with Narcan.

Sall says this all starts with one thing.

“It goes back to prescriptions. And people becoming addicted to their prescriptions. And then maybe being cut off from their prescriptions,” said Sall.

However, with the new methadone clinic, drug abusers won’t have those reoccurring withdrawals and cravings for the opioids.

“If people aren’t going to go into withdrawal because they are utilizing these medications, they’re not going to have the desperation, the bad behavior and the drug use,” said Sall.

This clinic can hopefully be the change that can bring the deadly cycle to an end.

“Drug use, physical dependence, withdrawal, desperation, bad behavior drug use. It just goes on and on,” said Sall.

Sall says while some are opposed to having a clinic that will treat drug abuse with more drugs; she says the end results are out of this world.

“Once we see those people no longer addicted, we can see them become members of society again. We can see them working, interacting with their family, providing for their families. Doing all the things they currently aren’t able to do,” said Sall.

She’s hopeful for the change Community Medical Services will bring to the community.

“It’s just such a ray of hope for people,” said Sall.

Community Medical Services will be open for business on April 17th.

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