F5 Project Helps Felons Readjust To Society

Project Helps Inmates Rebuild Their lives On The Outside

FARGO, ND — A Fargo man wants to show that former criminals aren’t castoffs. He’s dedicated to showing the value, determination, and hustle of felons while helping them rebuild their own lives right here in our region. His efforts are getting noticed more and more, and more and more people are claiming he’s helping to save their lives. It’s Wednesday…

ShareHouse Rehab Center Opens New Unit Unique to the Metro

ShareHouse adds on a recovery living center in their facility

FARGO, ND — Life after rehab can lead to uncertainty for recovering addicts. A new recovery living center may have the answers patients need. In 2015, 61 people died from drug related causes according to CDC reports. Although there are numerous rehab centers in the metro, addicts can be at risk of relapse after being released. “Lots of times they…

Why There Is Such A Need For A Methadone Clinic In Fargo

The drug abuse problem in Fargo will soon come to an end

Since 2012, more than 90 people have died in Cass County from an opioid overdose. Now there’s a new clinic to help those struggling with addiction. “You can expect to die 15 to 20 years earlier than someone that does not have an opioid abuse disorder,” said Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator with Fargo Cass Public Health, Robyn Sall. Help is…